Picture of the Day for 10-30-2006
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Ok, I was in Vegas last week for a conference on Adobe products and learned some good stuff. Because I was still smarting over the virus I've had for almost a month, I didn't do much there except watch TV, sleep and go to the conference. Well, that and I limited to myself to small amounts of losses that I hit within a half hour of each gambling session. Except for the last night. Here is my slot ticket with two big winners from the nickel slot. I went home over $150 for the week. Awesome. On another note, I totally punched in a goal in my soccer game on Sunday. I grabbed a loose ball, put a mad juke on a defender and ripped a low short side strike past a diving keeper. This has been a really good weekend.
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chicos tacos kudos on learning about green building/construction. adobe is a good thermal mass material, holding heat and cooling well. Oct 30th 2006 07:38:41 AM
chicos tacos BTW, if you go into photoshop, image>adjustments>hue/saturation and set it to 360 hue, saturation 100, lightness 0 and colorize it...totally a scene right out of 'fear and loathing in las vegas'. Oct 30th 2006 07:44:20 AM
Nathan Now don't think I've been checking you out but the last couple of pictures suggest you have trimmed down a bit. Is that a result of the virus or all the amazing goals you've been scoring? Oct 30th 2006 01:41:43 PM
Admin I'm almost at my pre-married weight. I've been laying off the fast food, but with Halloween and Thanksgiving coming up, I'm sure to put a few pounds back on. Oct 30th 2006 08:38:36 PM