Picture of the Day for 10-31-2003
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This is one of the best photos of myself ever taken. This embodies the true spirit of football hardcore Aaron.
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Momma B Look at the people behind you....do they look at you like that all the time? Oct 31st 2003 08:46:33 AM
John What's in the backpack/ Camelback? My guess is Kentucky's finest. Oct 31st 2003 09:18:21 AM
bubby to be -Lani At least you are animated, the rest of the crowd looks dull next to you. Vickie Wine, if you see this, call or email me. Oct 31st 2003 09:41:55 AM
no nickname They're not animated because they're behind us, and can't hear all out great commentary on the game. Thus, they tend to lose interest. Oct 31st 2003 11:52:58 AM
Alton I believe it's Tennessee's finest. And, the people behind us were a bit "under the weather", as well as watching an Aggie team being soundly defeated at Kyle Field. No poncho for Aaron... Oct 31st 2003 01:36:15 PM
mh you were right- I see it now. Baby to be DOES have your cheekbones Oct 31st 2003 06:38:29 PM
om Dude, what kind of stuff are you on? Jun 21st 2004 01:32:09 PM