Picture of the Day for 10-31-2005
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Happy Halloween. Toby and I are still cleaning out the pumpkin in this series and this is when he finds out that inside are a bunch of seeds and gunk we have to remove. It might rain tonight so I guess being ducks is a good idea. I have a few more pumpkin shots before the duck photos
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Glenn I am going to get Toby an "Abdominizer" for Hanukkah. Oct 31st 2005 05:48:53 AM
kimberly why glenn? has it worked for you? Oct 31st 2005 05:49:59 AM
Glenn I've got abs of steel, baby! (Of course that is steel in its liguid state.) Oct 31st 2005 06:02:10 AM
Admin I'll look into adding abdominizers to the online store. Of course, this will do nothing to your buns of mush. Oct 31st 2005 07:09:08 AM
aunty beth I think Toby is just taking after all of his uncles...Uncky Traweek, Uncky Glenn, Uncky Gene and we've all seen Uncky Ray's belly. Toby has great role models! Oct 31st 2005 10:07:51 AM
bubby Lani Uncle Ray has a belly? Not possible. Uncle Glenn, maybe. What about his uncles in Detroit, they all have bellies. Oct 31st 2005 11:50:02 AM
aunty beth we've seen Ray without his shirt...a scary sight at best...but yes he does have a good beer belly beginning Oct 31st 2005 11:54:42 AM
Lisa Jo Darling pic, guys! Happy Halloween. Oct 31st 2005 02:31:22 PM