Picture of the Day for 10-03-2005
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Grandpa Cal took a page out of my photography style and took this photo of him, the Bubbinator, and ooober cute Toby. I'm thinking that no one ever will do a search on "Bubbinator". Noona Kabob, Yes. (actual search)
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kimberly great photo! thanks for toby-sitting, bubby and grandpa! Oct 3rd 2005 06:22:35 AM
Abeulo We seem a little more thrilled than TW about the experience Oct 3rd 2005 08:06:00 AM
Marcia WOW Bubby & Granpa you look great with Toby he is so cute. Oct 3rd 2005 08:13:20 AM
Glenn Lani! Showin' some shoulder! Lookin' Bubbilicious! Look out Cal. Oct 3rd 2005 10:23:01 AM
Admin ha ha. I didn't even see that sholder pose. Great catch Glenn. Oct 3rd 2005 12:37:57 PM
Bubby Lani We had great fun babysitting. Glen, you notice everything, don't you? Oct 3rd 2005 07:25:17 PM