Picture of the Day for 10-03-2006
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Jameson and Toby are getting ready to jump in the volcano foam pit of death. They look really terrified.
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Bubby Lani Looks like Halloween. Where's their costumes? Oct 3rd 2006 07:54:53 AM
kimberly maybe not the volcano pit of death...but certainly the pit of germs and the smell of feet. Oct 3rd 2006 09:04:13 AM
Great Auntie Di But it looks like they are having a ball. Oct 3rd 2006 10:34:13 AM
Aunt Nancy Germs are good. They build that immune system. Oct 3rd 2006 05:18:46 PM
bubbymarg Where in heavens name is this. They seem so excited and having so much fun, Oct 3rd 2006 07:10:41 PM