Picture of the Day for 10-04-2005
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Another guest photo from Cal. It's an old photo but, since it's of me and the boy its all cool. What's hilarious is going back about a year or a year and a half and seeing the difference in Toby already in the photos. I think next year, he'll be shaving.
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kimberly when is this from? Oct 4th 2005 06:25:29 AM
Abuelo Pic is when we went to the baby r us store to get a high chair. It wasn't a year and half ago since Toby is only 20 months old now. Daddy is a little confused. Too many diaper fumes. Oct 4th 2005 08:46:55 AM
Admin no, I was saying, if you go to the PODs of yesteryear and check out fotos from from 2004, you will laugh at how young Toby looks, and so ooooober cute too. Oct 4th 2005 09:25:16 AM
kimberly aaron is still mastering the english language. his phrasing was awkward. but he knows what he means. Oct 4th 2005 01:29:41 PM
Bubby Lani I love this picture. It shows those two cute little boys sitting together. Oct 4th 2005 05:11:12 PM
bubbymarg Great picture of both of you father and son. Oct 4th 2005 07:18:24 PM