Picture of the Day for 10-05-2005
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Here is a picture of my birthday cobbler. I got it free when I went to my work birthday lunch at Hoover's. I can never turn down cobbler, no matter how full I am. One day after a three hour lunch buffet, I was reminded about cobbler and had to have some. The rest of the afternoon, I was hunched over from over eating. That's the only time I ate so much it hurt. But the cobbler was worth it.
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tahoeeddie LOL.when i got laid off from spec, we were in the middle of having birthday cobbler for MY birthday! now you're just opening old wounds! but mmmmm... was it goooood cobbler :) Oct 5th 2005 08:11:30 AM
beth ummm....gross... Oct 5th 2005 09:43:11 AM