Picture of the Day for 10-06-2003
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Kimberly made this painting for the junior's room. We still don't know what kind of junior we are having. I'll know more details this Thursday. Anyhow, These are animals of the alphabet. Apparantly, there are no animals that start with X. I told her to put a can of raid on there with a dead bug, but then I'm not the artist.
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mh Can Aidan be the Alligator;s first name since reportedly Aidan is out of the running for junior's name...? Yes? OK. Aidan and his/her 24 friends are very suave. Oct 6th 2003 10:07:53 PM
Admin My favorite animal is the quail. That bird just makes me laugh every time I see it. Oct 7th 2003 07:34:31 AM
Aunt Nancy Junior is lucky to have such a talented mom. Oct 7th 2003 09:09:49 PM
The Traweek I like the Monkey, kind of like those Monkeys we saw at the zoo. Ahhh, the zoo.... Oct 11th 2003 09:27:10 AM
The Traweek Time to redo the picture, I found one that starts with X - Xenops Oct 11th 2003 09:29:41 AM
kimberly what does it look like? Oct 11th 2003 11:28:07 AM
kimberly oh, duh, that was a link. thanks! Oct 11th 2003 11:06:15 PM