Picture of the Day for 10-08-2001
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Here is the four of us at the stands at A&M. We've had season tickets together for a while now. I'm the latch key kid on crutches. Chad is trying to push me over while Darren and Traweek aren't looking.
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The Traweek Hmmm, every A&M pic I have a cup in my hand. Wild Turkey? Apr 10th 2003 04:57:25 PM
Admin Actually, I think this was the picture we sent in for the O-town boy band tryouts. I'm the sensitive one, Darren is the blond good looking one, Chad is the goofy one, and Traweek is the one with a bad dark side, the rebel one. Apr 10th 2003 05:07:07 PM
JWine He looks like the Ghost of Darren Past. Apr 14th 2003 12:47:30 PM