Picture of the Day for 10-09-2007
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Toby took this photo of the Griff and myself at the new homestead.
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kimberly smile griffy, you'll have your own big room in the new house. Oct 9th 2007 07:57:31 AM
beth are you a little obsessed with this house building? are you there every day? Oct 9th 2007 02:53:10 PM
Admin It's two blocks from our rental house and on the way to the day care, so yes, I'm there every day and yes, I'm obsessed. Check the blog at www.msanford.com . I'm AaronOct 9th 2007 04:59:48 PM
kimberly if you lived in a tiny house with a yard you cannot play in, you would be obsessed too. Oct 9th 2007 05:59:48 PM