Picture of the Day for 11-11-2003
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This is for all of you nachos lovers out there. Darren digs into some delicious drippy nachos loaded with the pickled jalapenos. As an extra bonus, you get Alton guzzling some soda water. Enjoy.
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Mary This had to have been the third quarter. Must have been the "Lucky Nachos" that led the Aggies to victory. Doesn't Alton look adorable guzzling that soda water? Nov 11th 2003 01:01:45 PM
Alton Guzzling implies extremely rapid oral intake, so this was only "slaking". It was pretty hot at Kyle Field! (Mine was ONLY soda...) Nov 11th 2003 01:58:11 PM
Admin Actually, now that I think of it, Alton is really a mime and he is in the act of guzzeling a pretend soda water. Nov 12th 2003 07:38:58 AM