Picture of the Day for 11-01-2005
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These pumpkin shots are too cute so I'm going to do a couple more before the duck halloween photos. Here Toby shows off his spoon ability.
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kimberly i think aaron needs to find a way to add a tiny sound file to the pics. just hearing how toby says "spoon" or "pumpkin" would be even more uber-cute. or maybe one of his 3 word 'sentences'. Nov 1st 2005 07:26:04 PM
uncee Robbie Toby is up to 3 word sentences? That is better than George W. Bush, despite the fact that W. reads from a script. Nov 2nd 2005 09:06:35 AM
kimberly toby doesn't need a script. he has some of the lines in his books memorized already. right now his favorite is "fox in socks. Nov 2nd 2005 07:15:35 PM