Picture of the Day for 11-01-2007
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Oh my did this robot grab a bunch of candy for Halloween. I gotta tell you, home made costumes are so much better than store bought.
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kimberly No, he was not an invisible robot. Nov 1st 2007 07:32:00 AM
Iowa Did he get a piece of corn or a can of cake? Nov 1st 2007 03:39:40 PM
kimberly hey Iowa, don't kids up there have to tell a joke to get candy on halloween? or am i confusing the trick or treat with the floppy show? texans do neither and i think it is sad. Nov 1st 2007 07:56:29 PM
Iowa What's the biggest pencil in the world? Nov 1st 2007 08:01:38 PM
kimberly Pennsylvania! Nov 2nd 2007 07:53:12 AM
Aunt Nancy It's that Iowa work ethic. No joke, no candy. BTW-great costume. Nov 3rd 2007 02:39:45 PM