Picture of the Day for 11-14-2005
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Grandpa Cal added another year onto his personal odometer. Let's all give grandpa Cal a super electronic hug. Here is the cake that Toby and I made for him.
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"Gr" Cal Thanks for a great birthday party and the delicious cake. The Dora faces added the Toby touch, as well as the finger holes. Nov 14th 2005 07:39:12 AM
bubby Lani Toby was very excited about his cake and personally ate a "Dora" from the top. Nov 14th 2005 09:41:49 AM
Glenn looks a-dora-ble. Nov 14th 2005 10:42:37 AM
Admin You should of seen and heard him when the dora the explorer sugar rush kicked in. Nov 14th 2005 11:01:46 AM
Glenn Happy Birthday Grcal! Nov 14th 2005 01:42:49 PM