Picture of the Day for 11-14-2006
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As by request, the haircut picture is today. Last weekend, Toby and I got supercool haircuts. Kimberly said we were not allowed mohawks, but she didn't say anything about moosing up a perfectly good haircut into a mohawk. Toby looks awesome, don't you agree?
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Great Auntie Di He looks like Richie Rich. How cute. You look very handsome yourself Mr. Wine. Nov 14th 2006 07:04:26 AM
Rob I believe that is referred to as a fauxhawk. Very cool! http://www.urbandictionary.com/define.php?term=fauxhawk Nov 14th 2006 07:29:26 AM
Admin I'm always good looking. Toby and his faux hawk are coming to visit iowa soon. Maybe he can talk his Unkee Rob into growing his hair out so they can have matching mo-s. Nov 14th 2006 08:52:06 PM
Rob You never know. I bet Toby can be pretty persuasive. Nov 15th 2006 08:53:41 PM