Picture of the Day for 11-15-2006
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Uncle Jeremy came to town this weekend. We had loads of fun. Today's POD is a guest photographer. The blur is his finger at the bottom of the photo. I'd complain normally, but since the photographer is only two and this is his first picture without anyone's help on the button, I'll cut him some slack.
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nana obviously, Toby has Ansel Adams sized talent ! Great Pic ! Nov 15th 2006 06:37:54 AM
Bubby Lani Toby takes much better pictures than I do. Good job Toby! Nov 15th 2006 07:57:54 AM
The Traweek Check this out http://www.noggin.com/shows/upsidedown.php. Anyone see a resemblence? Nov 15th 2006 09:34:18 AM
Aunt Nancy The blurr gives the photo a very artsy look. I'm sure that was what Toby was going for. Way to go Toby. Nov 15th 2006 09:51:19 PM