Picture of the Day for 11-16-2005
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Here's a close up of our cake icing spreading. Toby went a little 3D on the icing part that we had to cover up with more icing.
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mh Normally, people might not want to know this much about the cake they had eaten but fortunately, grandparents don't react normally. Right--Cal, Lani? Nov 16th 2005 12:01:04 PM
Bubby Lani Glad we at some of the cake before we saw this picture. Nov 16th 2005 01:16:13 PM
Admin One of the more funnier things I've done was once I had this party and I served a brisket, then after everyone had eaten, I showed this movie about the brisket and how I picked it up at the store and how things (not really) happened to it. Nov 16th 2005 01:34:58 PM
kimberly i did wash his hands first. can't wait to see you next week mom! Nov 16th 2005 03:12:45 PM
kimberly and uncee jeremy too! Nov 16th 2005 03:13:05 PM
Glenn That brisket thing is funny. Mind if I borrow that for Thanksgiving? I am thinking about faking like I shoot and cook a buzzard instead of a turkey. Nov 16th 2005 04:02:04 PM
beth more funnier? more funnier? Nov 16th 2005 06:49:29 PM
kimberly so...beth...how are the kids doing in school? Nov 16th 2005 06:55:00 PM
Admin Oh golly, www.aaronwine.com now has grammer police. Nov 16th 2005 08:44:19 PM