Picture of the Day for 11-17-2004
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I went to the last home game of the year for my beloved Ags. We won which was good. Got to see some pretty good games this year and I puked for the first time at Kyle field although it was from a stomach virus. Here is a picture of Darren, Ray and myself at Kyle field. I found a really nice maroon knit hat and once you removed the peanut shells, it was a keeper.
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Bubby Lani Nice to see Darren & Ray on the POD. Not sure about your new hat. Nov 17th 2004 07:52:39 AM
JWine Why are you hanging out with McVeigh and Chucky? Nov 17th 2004 11:29:59 AM
beth didn't your mama warn you about strange hats? and strange friends...good to see Ray...with his shirt ON Nov 17th 2004 02:32:29 PM
Glenn Jeremy - touche.Aaron - the eggs are called nits.Ray - try to have a good time.Darren - what's up?Aaron - did you puke in the stands or in the restroom or where? Those are some nasty urinal troughs. Nov 17th 2004 03:06:28 PM