Picture of the Day for 11-18-2005
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We went to the chalk festival the other weekend with our new neighbors from down the street. Here Toby is helping Glenn draw a balloon.
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The "O.G." Glenn version 2.0 Nov 18th 2005 08:06:13 AM
kimberly don't worry old school glenn, he is far too mature to take your place. Nov 18th 2005 08:21:17 AM
Abuelo If he is so mature, why is he stealing sidewalk space from a 2 year old? Nov 18th 2005 08:44:25 AM
Old School Glenn yeah! Nov 18th 2005 09:20:48 AM
Admin New and improved Glenn will not have that rustic charm that old school Glenn has. I mean, Barbie dolls that have less functions and clothes are more valuable than their newer counterparts. Nov 18th 2005 09:44:20 AM
Original Glenn That's right. They might not be as pretty and their hair might be falling out and they might not bend as easily as the new ones but they still have ... um ... well ... Oh who am I trying to kid. New Glenn is even better than old Glenn - and with fewer calories. Nov 18th 2005 10:30:13 AM
Bubby Lani Too many Glenn's... Nov 18th 2005 01:17:37 PM