Picture of the Day for 11-19-2004
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Had to do a Toby picture today as yesterday he took his first step. It was hilarious. Here is a picture of me showing Toby what a voter registration card is.
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glenn You know, this is kind of like a really low budget version of "The Truman Show." Nov 19th 2004 06:59:10 AM
Aunty Beth "Look Mommy...it does say that Daddy is a Republican." Nov 19th 2004 07:31:34 AM
Admin I can't afford actors. Nov 19th 2004 09:45:13 AM
glenn From now on I shall call you Christof. Nov 19th 2004 10:23:54 AM
Abuelo Toby Truman has a nice ring to it. There is something pleasing about alliteration. Nov 19th 2004 02:17:19 PM
Bubby Lani He looks like a farmer, but I love him in blue. Nov 19th 2004 04:48:10 PM
ttruman Umm...wow...first time I've Googled my name and found someone else with it.=) Congratulations! Jul 20th 2005 09:39:35 PM
Admin Well, actually, Toby's last name is Wine. You just caught dialog banter about the Truman show. Thanks for checking this site out. I saw the search you used to get here. I also tried to get your email address off the slash dot site, but it wouldn't let me. Rock the vote, Toby Truman, Rock the vote! Jul 21st 2005 10:11:57 PM