Picture of the Day for 11-21-2003
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I love it when I download the files off of my digital camera and see superfulous photos of monarch butterflies sucking neckar on my fence.
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no nickname Was this nature week on POD? A lizard, a tree, and now a butterfly. Nov 21st 2003 09:34:26 AM
kimberly i took this. i thought it was nice, a monarch on its way back to mexico. sorry it doesn't involve a sausage or a goofy face, but nature is good. Nov 21st 2003 10:06:29 AM
JWine Monarchs turn me on. Nov 21st 2003 10:28:20 AM
Admin I didn't even realize it was nature week this week on the POD. As for Jeremy's love of monarchs, I now know why they migrate south.... Nov 21st 2003 06:20:19 PM
JWine C'mere pretty butterfly! Nov 24th 2003 05:34:27 PM
Scorpio If you look really closely the butterfly is eating a sausage and making a goofy face. Nov 26th 2003 12:38:51 PM