Picture of the Day for 11-21-2006
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Unk J Great one. Nov 21st 2006 07:45:16 AM
Great Auntie Di Great pictures, keep them coming. Nov 21st 2006 09:25:36 AM
Chuck D word! Nov 21st 2006 09:39:19 AM
Abuelo Power to the babies! Nov 21st 2006 09:46:18 AM
aunty beth put the photoshoped one up! Avari said this morning she wanted to go back to Austin to play with Toby! Nov 21st 2006 10:31:35 AM
Admin I think I can speak for Toby when I say, Toby would like Avari to come up any time to play. Maybe they can have a sleepover. Nov 21st 2006 12:29:36 PM
Aunt Nancy Just look at those eyes! Nov 21st 2006 04:33:01 PM
Nana Griff, I'll be happy to let you smack that little fist right in my face. Nov 21st 2006 04:39:48 PM
bubbymarg He really is becoming a little person (mentch) Love, Nov 21st 2006 06:26:15 PM