Picture of the Day for 11-22-2004
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This is the last picture of my leg with it being bionic. Yep, today I'm going to have the titanium rod in my shin and the screw in my knee taken out. I'm going to try to go heads up with the anethesologist as I ate gaseous food yesterday. Too bad they aren't going to pay per view my surgery.
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kimberly why don't you see if they can do something about that nasty toe while you are there. we'll be thinking about you! Nov 22nd 2004 05:33:02 AM
Glenn Hopefully you can keep the rod. Have it turned into a fork or something. Maybe shinguards. Nov 22nd 2004 10:43:00 AM
bubby Lani Shinguards? That's a good idea, Glenn,however, I think he should give up soccer and go to a grown up sport, like walking. Nov 22nd 2004 11:04:53 AM