Picture of the Day for 11-22-2005
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Kimberly cut a few holes in this shipping box and made a great puppet theatre. The crowd is always enthrawled with the current smash puppet play, "know your lefts and rights".
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uncee Robbie I heard the cardboard box was recently added to the Toy Hall of Fame. True story. Nov 22nd 2005 08:14:45 AM
Abuelo The great thing about cardboard puppet theatre is there no dress code. Nov 22nd 2005 09:06:32 AM
kimberly oh, contrare, abuelo. a diaper is a must as this theatre. Nov 22nd 2005 09:59:40 AM
Admin A diaper is a must anywhere in the house sans the bathroom in our house. In a few years, we'll have to get Abuelo size diapers for our house. Nov 22nd 2005 12:02:17 PM
Bubby Lani The puppetmaster's going to have a sore neck at that angle. I like the dress code. Nov 22nd 2005 02:04:36 PM
kimberly i did get a sore neck. and a cramp in my shin too. i need a massage. Nov 22nd 2005 09:20:48 PM