Picture of the Day for 11-23-2004
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Here is my leg, metal free for the first time in over 3 years. Next to it is the titanium rod that somehow found it's way back to me.
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Glenn In Rod We Trust... (except Rod Stewart. He seems swarthy...) Nov 23rd 2004 10:57:05 AM
Dr Nathan During my numerous medical studies I've learnt (yes that is a proper word in the ENGLISH dictionary) that when you remove large lumps of metal from your body that you lose weight. Its quite an astonishing process. Of course titanium is lightweight so the weight loss will be negligible but every little helps. Will you melt it down and turn it into a fetching broach for your wife or will you keep hold of it in case you snap your leg again and need to save on the medical bill. Nov 24th 2004 05:33:52 AM
Useless information provider Rod Stewart may be swarthy but as he is a keen and talented footballer he would sympathise with Aaron's injury. Did you also know that Rod has a replica of the Wembley football pitch in the grounds of his home and the England football team have been know to train there. Nov 24th 2004 05:42:22 AM
Admin I'm going to keep the rod as a trophy along side the screw from my ankle. I didn't get the screw in my knee, but I do feel lighter and I think that if I could run right now without pooping my pants due to pain, that I would indeed be faster Nov 24th 2004 05:47:33 AM
Glenn Imagine how high you can jump now. It reminds me of Gene's theory. You see, Gene use to drink too much, smoke, and was a little over weight. He said he was in the process of becoming a super human. Once he lost the weight he would be faster and stronger than normal - from years of continuously carrying extra weight around. Once he quit smoking his lungs would essentially have doubled in capacity. I don't think there was ever any intention to stop drinking though. Nov 24th 2004 11:22:24 AM