Picture of the Day for 11-24-2003
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So I was washing the dogs this weekend and I had the dog shampoo on the BBQ grill while holding a dog in one hand and scrubbing with the other and I turned to reach for the dog shampoo and smashed my head on the BBQ grill and almost knocked myself out. I have a cool forehead boo-boo to show for it.
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gpa steve Is this the same BBQ grill that requires 2 people to operate? One to hold it up, and the other to actually do the grilling. Nov 24th 2003 08:26:36 PM
Admin Naw, that one is history. This is the big ol' rusted one. I should think about getting a tetnus shot.... Nov 24th 2003 08:44:53 PM
Scorpio It would have been cool if you had an imprint that read "Ol' Smokey" but then it would be backward and "yekoms lo'" isn't very funny at all. Nov 26th 2003 12:40:50 PM