Picture of the Day for 11-28-2003
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Today is the big game. I'm optimistic today, but a little bit realistic. I'm still going to wear maroon and yell all 4 quarters, hopefully I won't be the only one (aka 10/31/2003). Today's picture is me looking somewhere at an undisclosed bowling bar.
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The Scorp mmmmm....Danish....aughhhh.... Dec 2nd 2003 12:40:36 PM
The Traweek Glad to see you are up and at 'em this morning! Good luck today and don't let the whiskey bug bite ya! Nov 28th 2003 08:05:55 AM
kimberly he's still sad that you aren't there traweek. you'd better make it up to him soon, like a good girlfriend would. Nov 28th 2003 01:05:05 PM
kwine hey aaron we are trying to get your email address but don't know how!!! Nov 30th 2003 12:41:49 PM
Admin Sorry about that. I don't want to put my email on the site as there are very bad spamming robots out there. Email me at adminNOSPAM@aaronwine.com and take out the "NOSPAM" part of the email address so that it looks like 'admin' followed by the '@aaronwine.com'. Nov 30th 2003 05:22:28 PM
Carina Hey Guys - A Danish hug and smile from Copenhagen, Denmark! Carina :-) Dec 2nd 2003 04:02:21 AM