Picture of the Day for 11-28-2005
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Here is my plate of food from Thanksgiving. I am still full from all the eating that went on. My weight has ballooned to 195. I'm debating right now to just go after the next 5 pounds to clear 200 before I start my annual fall back to the mid 180 range.
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Glenn Go for it! 3 buffets in one day might be enough to push you over the line. Might I suggest: Shoney's for breakfast, KFC buffet for lunch, and, of course, Golden Corral for supper. Nov 28th 2005 09:30:54 AM
kimberly why can't you shoot for this?... 6-202003 Nov 28th 2005 05:29:11 PM
Admin You want me to get crazy and muddy? well, okay. Nov 29th 2005 05:14:07 AM
kimberly yes, i want you to dig up that backyard dirt. maybe that will help you get down to 180. Nov 29th 2005 07:13:36 AM
Admin I dug up half that dirt and I'm still gaining weight. I need more than that for excersize. Maybe I should get a drum set. That's some very productive excersize. Nov 29th 2005 08:02:49 AM
kimberly no Nov 29th 2005 02:31:15 PM
Skinny UK Nathan Go on the GI Diet - it's the way forward, I lost 22pounds in three months and still eat loads. Nov 30th 2005 12:27:22 PM
Admin Nathan, the only way you could lose 22 pounds (or is that a stone and a half?) is to cut off one of your apendages. Nov 30th 2005 12:52:14 PM
Nathan Snake Hips Still It is about a stone and a half and yes I have lost it, I was like you getting a slightly fuller figure and had tipped the scales at 168 pounds (12 stone) which for me is obese but am now built like racing snake and am back to my fighting weight of 147 pounds (10 and a half stone) so all my suits fit me again, HURRAH! Dec 1st 2005 11:43:08 AM