Picture of the Day for 11-28-2006
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I got to take Toby to work last Wednesday. We made a badge and he wrote his name on the whiteboard. He wrote his name all by himself without any help or outsourcing. Not bad for a two year old. And you can't get me on child labor laws because I didn't pay him.
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Bubby Lani Does your dress code include "showing of the belly acceptable"? Nov 28th 2006 07:36:02 AM
Great Auntie Di Toby's b looks like a little swimmer.Cute. Nov 28th 2006 09:03:27 AM
Admin That's kind of my fault. When I was teaching him how to write his name for the B I told him to draw a circle with a line on it. The T was "a line this way and a line that way". Nov 28th 2006 12:10:10 PM
kimberly aaron was probably teaching him how to make fart noises with his armpit. Nov 28th 2006 08:21:50 PM
Admin Oh Kim, what a great idea! Thanks, you are the greatest! Nov 29th 2006 07:49:36 AM