Picture of the Day for 11-29-2005
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Here is a self photo of me starting to eat my dinner.
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Peaches I hope Toby doesn't inhereit your table manners Nov 29th 2005 07:23:35 AM
beth That is just GROSS! I am so sorry Kim...I know an etiqutte coach that could help him. Nov 29th 2005 07:45:56 AM
Admin But look! No nose hair. I'm officially not offensive. Nov 29th 2005 08:00:58 AM
Abuelo I particularly like the A&W root beer can juxtaposed with the fancy Rosenthal wine glasses. Nice artistic touch. Nov 29th 2005 08:53:28 AM
Bubby Lani What have I done to deserve this? Nov 29th 2005 09:38:01 AM
beth well..it probably started about 35 years ago...hopefully there was some wine...maybe dinner...and... Nov 29th 2005 11:09:37 AM
Glenn I don't know about the dinner but I am sure there was "Wine." Nov 29th 2005 11:47:58 AM