Picture of the Day for 11-29-2006
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Thanksgiving is of course my favorite holiday. It's all about the food and then maybe a football game. Here, Kim describes her favorite running play.
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kimberly i'm sure i was planning out how to organize all my food on my plate without the items touching each other. Nov 29th 2006 11:13:59 AM
Admin I think it was mean to grab Toby's plate and not give him any food. It's a wonder he isn't starving. Nov 29th 2006 12:23:33 PM
Nathan Actually it looks like she has Unkee Jeremy's plate. I guess he isn't in the picture because he's getting a patch put over his eye where he got hold of a real for and poked his eye out!!! Nov 29th 2006 03:32:39 PM
Nathan I mean fork not for. the fork and plate I'm referring to can be found here http://www.aaronwine.com/PodPhoto.asp?strPic=11-232006 Nov 29th 2006 03:34:27 PM
Bubby Lani Nathan, you have a very good memory. Thanks for bringing another silly picture from the past to our attention. Dec 4th 2006 06:54:53 PM