Picture of the Day for 11-30-2007
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They finally painted the house. Here is our house in color. They've also delivered our shingles. So when should I start forwarding our mail there?
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kimberly looks like you lost the bet about closing in Novemeber.... Nov 30th 2007 07:27:44 AM
Admin naw, I'll just move in tonight and collect my winnings. Nov 30th 2007 07:57:26 AM
beth wow...the houses are really close together!!! Nov 30th 2007 08:08:28 AM
momma h it's back to the future, Beth. Nov 30th 2007 01:57:41 PM
Gpa Eesh Ok Admin, you stay in your new house all night (tonite) and you win the bet. I will need proof...there's alot on the line. Nov 30th 2007 02:52:58 PM
laurel I knew I could count on you to deviate from 'subdivision beige'. Looks great! Dec 1st 2007 06:57:10 AM
kimberly we didn't get to choose the color, or it would have been blue, lt blue and yellow trim. in austin we have a saying, "keep austin weird", but it is getting harder and harder to do that. Dec 1st 2007 08:01:39 AM
laurel Ha! ... I thought the red was staying. They should do a subdivision in 15 shades of blue! Dec 1st 2007 05:17:57 PM
England Nathan Aaron specifically chose somewhere where the houses are really close together because Batman and the Hulk are still young and need somewhere to practice leaping from rooftop to rooftop. Dec 26th 2007 09:01:41 AM