Picture of the Day for 11-03-2005
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Here come the ducks! Toby and I had a lot of fun being ducks for Halloween. He didn't understand why people kept giving him candy after "pushing the button", but at least he learned valuable lessons on knocking on strangers doors asking for free candy.
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kimberly notice the legs of his costume had to be cut open, because it didn't fit him. next time i'll have him try it on at least one day before halloween. Nov 3rd 2005 06:27:02 AM
Glenn Aaron's costume seems to fit although in this photo he looks more like "Quasimoto in a straight jacket" than "a duck." Toby, remember to get two costumes next year so you can hit each house twice. Nov 3rd 2005 07:28:31 AM
aunty beth This coming from a man who dressed like a convict and walked the neighborhood with Darth Vador and a cheerleader. Toby looks cute...aaron...well...aaron makes me want duck l'orange Nov 3rd 2005 08:47:15 AM
Admin Why was Jacob dressed like a chearleader? That's just silly. If I was a duck and duck was going for 5$ a pound, I'd be worth $925. That's quite an expensive duck l'orange. Nov 3rd 2005 08:53:29 AM
bubbymarg As usual he is adorable, cute too. I'll bet he had fun on Halloween, but not as much as Daddy did. Love, Gr bubbymarg Nov 3rd 2005 01:41:00 PM
Bubby Lani What are those-red tights? Aaron in red tights, that must have been quite a sight. Nov 3rd 2005 06:39:27 PM
Admin They are actually orange. People were laughing. Like they've never seen a grown man wear orange tights before... Nov 3rd 2005 07:20:31 PM
mh i'm thinking you got to know your neighbors better, or maybe you got better known in your neighborhood--?? Nov 3rd 2005 08:54:58 PM