Picture of the Day for 11-03-2006
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Time for a random Griffin shot.
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chicos tacos after a rough night of getting pie-eyed, i could sure go for an adult version of that chair. now that i think about it, the toys would be kind of fun too. Nov 3rd 2006 07:01:06 AM
Admin would your shirt have the same amount of slobber? Nov 3rd 2006 07:40:58 AM
chicos tacos probably, but i don't lose my shoes as often anymore now that i switched to velcro. Nov 3rd 2006 09:01:43 AM
Admin I always thought an adult version the the baby's onesy would be great for winter time. I would call it a mansy though. Nov 3rd 2006 09:38:50 AM
bubbymarg Hi: I still thinks Griffin still looks a lot like you did as an infant, but he surely is growing up quickly. Love, Bubbymarg Nov 3rd 2006 06:34:28 PM
Bubby Lani We just got home, so we missed making our comments on this week's pictures. Love them all, except the toes. Nov 4th 2006 03:56:34 PM