Picture of the Day for 11-04-2005
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Here's what our pumpkin looked like on Halloween. It looks like an old man. I'll have to carve the pumpkin later next year or freeze it.
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Glenn I double dog dare you to drink the "juice" inside it. Nov 4th 2005 06:17:19 AM
Bubby Lani Gross. I assume Toby drew the eyes and mouth, otherwise you need some drawing lessons. Nov 4th 2005 11:06:49 AM
Glenn Is Toby "Trick or Treating" at your own house or did you carry that nasty pumpkin around with you? Nathan, do they "trick or treat" in England like they do here? Also, I just bought a 6 pack of Old Speckled Hen which I had when I was in London in '93. It was at the grocery store here. Nov 4th 2005 11:08:01 AM
Abuelo Which tastes better, Old Speckled Hen or nasty pumpkin juice? Nov 4th 2005 02:08:20 PM
Admin Of course Toby drew the face. If I would of drawn it, there would of been teeth in the mouth. You would think Toby would of learned by now how to draw faces. I'm starting to get concerned he is not learning fast enough. Nov 4th 2005 03:01:06 PM
Glenn Neither tastes great but the worst is Old Speckled Hen juice. Nov 4th 2005 07:56:00 PM