Picture of the Day for 11-06-2006
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There was this really scary lion running around our neighborhood last Tuesday night. I caught a photo of him.
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kimberly cutest griffin pic so far!! Nov 6th 2006 06:54:32 AM
Bubby Lani When this picture came up, all I could say was Oh My. I got chocked up!. Griffin's best picture so far. I'm printing it for my Bubby picture book right now. Nov 6th 2006 08:06:08 AM
Admin Really? I just thought is was a good photo. Is it better than the 18th or the 23rd ? Nov 6th 2006 08:52:48 AM
beth very cute!!!! Maybe Aunty Beth will get to visit him one day! Nov 6th 2006 09:31:28 AM
Peaches adorable Nov 7th 2006 07:26:23 AM