Picture of the Day for 11-07-2003
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I'm being hugged so hard that my tongue is sticking out. Sometimes you need a good hug. So in that mode of thinking, today is international aaronwine.com hug someone really hard day. Don't break ribs, but be firm and loving.
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Alton I only want to know why you have a little Danish flag (Dannebrog) sticking out of the top of your head. Did that break any bones? Nov 7th 2003 12:32:16 PM
R. Peach It looks like you're being given the Heimlich Maneuver, backwards. Nov 9th 2003 10:02:23 PM
Melissa J-P What's up with the phallic symbol on the shelf? Nov 9th 2003 10:05:11 PM
Admin It was just a big ol' hug. Nothing broke, nothing phalic. Nov 10th 2003 06:57:46 AM
kimberly good grief! a crayon is phallic? Nov 10th 2003 12:41:51 PM
John I was thinking the same thing. You must admit that is a big phalic, oops I mean crayon. Nov 11th 2003 03:27:26 PM