Picture of the Day for 11-07-2006
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We also had zebras running around.
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chicos tacos that's a great costume. but when i first saw it without reading the caption i thought you had dressed him up as one of the baseball fury characters from 'the warriors'....because WE got the streets, suckers! can you dig it? Nov 7th 2006 05:25:04 AM
kimberly what are you talking about?? Nov 7th 2006 07:18:20 AM
Bubby Lani Great face painting. Must have an art teacher in the house. Nov 7th 2006 07:56:16 AM
Admin We also have a fart teacher in the house. Nov 7th 2006 08:25:39 AM
kimberly where did you get your teaching certificate aaron? P.U.? Nov 7th 2006 11:14:34 AM
Admin Wait till I teach Toby that art and fart rhyme! Nov 7th 2006 11:27:28 AM
Abuelo Aaron has gone artsy-fartsy. I bet you voted for Kinky, didn't you? Nov 7th 2006 02:19:39 PM
momma h Thanks for reminding me you all have that Kinky entertainment going on in Texas...another reason to stay up late and watch the returns Nov 7th 2006 05:01:20 PM