Picture of the Day for 11-08-2004
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Toby got to hang out with Liv (for those not in the know, this is the Traweek's offspring). They had a bath together and this is a picture from the splash fest. This was a chaperoned communal bath.
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Bubby Lani Liv looks like she is getting him good. Nov 8th 2004 12:12:30 PM
bubbymarg This reminds me of some pictures we took wen you all were littlle. Wonderful memories aren't they. Love Nov 8th 2004 05:53:37 PM
Nathan Nice to see that Toby is alrady using his subtle dry wit and graceful desecration of the English language that he learnt from Zac to bag some innocent US lass. Nov 9th 2004 05:41:58 AM
Glenn Did Toby also "learnt" how to avoid pronouncing the letter "H" as in "_ello" and and "_ugh Grant _as a _ideous _ooker in _is _ouse." Nov 9th 2004 06:09:38 AM
Admin Glenn, you gotta be nice to the POD guests. And we wonder why the world's population thinks we're arrogant... Nov 9th 2004 08:58:53 AM
Glenn I apologize. I got a little riled up. God Bless the Queen (and the Traweek). Nov 9th 2004 09:44:07 AM
An English Gent Hapology Haccepted ;o) Nov 15th 2004 05:24:28 AM
Glenn Beth and I did the SAME thing this weekend. I didn't really understand the chaperone but who am I to complain. Nov 8th 2004 07:14:37 AM