Picture of the Day for 11-08-2005
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At work, they made me dress up like a pirate and pass out candy to the nearby elementary school kids. Luckily, I already had the gear.
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kimberly gee, you have such a hard job. Nov 8th 2005 06:28:59 AM
Abuelo Are you sure this isn't a lounge act for the Treasuer Island in Vegas? That ruffled shirt is a dead giveaway. Nov 8th 2005 07:17:54 AM
Great Auntie Di Kim is he taking after Rob with the miss matched socks Your looking good Aaron. Nov 8th 2005 08:29:44 AM
beth I'm really surprised they let you in the elementary...you know they are supposed to do a background check Nov 8th 2005 08:32:22 AM
Glenn "one to talk" Reinhardt Good idea - wearing that undershirt. Even though it was halloween you should scare those little kids too badly. Nov 8th 2005 08:59:53 AM
Admin The socks were part of my costume. As we all know, Pirates wear 'Aaaargyles'. This was at our office and the kids came over by bus. I think if this database programming gig ever gets exported to cheap labor, I'm moving to Vegas and trying out for the pirate show. Nov 8th 2005 09:37:40 AM
Great Auntie Di I'm going to Vegas this weekend, I'll pick up an application for you. Nov 8th 2005 10:13:18 AM
Admin Oh and I had to wear the undershirt as I got too fat for the ruffled shirt that I used to wear just fine back in college. Nov 8th 2005 12:33:00 PM
beth Glenn got too fat to wear his orange and black tux pants...bummer Nov 8th 2005 01:24:38 PM
Bubby Lani I can't believe we have another picture of the blue ruffled shirt. I still have the Glen & Aaron lounge act picture upstairs in the game room. Nov 8th 2005 01:27:38 PM
beth just wait until you have a picture of Toby wearing the blus ruffled shirt! Nov 8th 2005 01:28:23 PM
Admin Glenn, we've gotten old, bald and fat. Dear Lord, man, we need to start endlessly rambling about the good ole days from whence we were younger. Did I ever tell you all about the great band that never was? All we needed was a chicken.... Nov 8th 2005 01:58:51 PM
Glenn I remember a pact we made back in the day. We said that once we got fat and hairy(er) we would get thong speedos and wear them on the beach around our families. The time is drawing near. Nov 8th 2005 03:04:35 PM