Picture of the Day for 11-09-2004
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Got to sneak another communal bath picture with Liv in. Here she is checking out the legacy.
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Glenn This photo reminds me of the day I introduced John and Cat Traweek to each other. (They weren't both Traweeks back then. If they had been they probably would have already known each other and an introduction would have been unnecessary and awkward.) Toby has the same look "the Traweek" did back then. Good luck "the Toby." Nov 9th 2004 06:14:45 AM
Admin That's a good idea, Glenn. From now on, I'm going to introduce Cat and Traweek to each other. I swear it will be hilarious after 15 times. Nov 9th 2004 09:02:51 AM
Glenn Cat, I would like you to meet the Traweek. Perhaps you have seen him around. He lives nearby. The Traweek, this is Cat. She is married but I think you have a chance at her. Nov 9th 2004 09:36:40 AM
beth so you introduced Cat and the Traweek while they were bathing together????? W Nov 9th 2004 03:10:39 PM
Glenn Had they been bathing together they probably would have already known each other and I definitely would have been elsewhere - probably campaigning for George W. Bush for Governor. Who knew that would be just the beginning of such a beautiful political journey? Oh yeah, hi Kim. Nov 9th 2004 06:31:06 PM
The Traweek's Wife Glenn, I hope your word vomit has turned to dry heaves. Nov 9th 2004 08:42:53 PM
kimberly I think it is rather obvious that it did a long time ago. oh yeah, hi glenn.Nov 9th 2004 08:50:46 PM
Beth what is word vomit?????? YUCK! Nov 12th 2004 02:24:06 AM
kimberly it is similar to diarrhea of the mouth. Nov 12th 2004 07:01:06 AM
Admin Only on www.aaronwine.com can you go from a cute picture of babies in the bath together to mouth diarrea. Long live my website. Nov 12th 2004 09:44:26 AM