Picture of the Day for 11-09-2005
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Toby had a total melt down yesterday and I experienced my first tantrum from the so called terrible twos. Although he's not even two yet. This was a power hour session of kicking, screaming and throwing things. Here's a photo from a couple of weeks ago when the tantrum must of started and it probably just festered until yesterday's blowup.
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kimberly ok, experienced parents, here's your chance to offer up advice on surviving the terrible twos... Nov 9th 2005 07:26:06 AM
Bubby Lani I have no advice. I never could figure out what to do myself. I just hope it does not happen when I babysit. Nov 9th 2005 08:23:17 AM
uncee robbie Only advice I would give is to not force him to eat lima beans. Of course that advice should extend beyond the terrible two's. Nov 9th 2005 10:27:18 AM
tahoeeddie hey, maybe he's just advanced for his age... it's a good thing! :) Nov 9th 2005 11:17:58 AM
beth Beer...lots of beer for the parents...that is how we survived the terrible twos, threes, fours, fives, ....then when Chance hit 13, Glenn switched to vodka and I switched to valium. It works wonders Nov 9th 2005 01:14:33 PM
bubbymarg Just give him a hug and a kiss if he will let you and tell him he will be alright and that you love him. Love Great bubbymargaret Nov 9th 2005 03:16:04 PM
Admin I just basically gave him some tequilla until he passed out. Nov 9th 2005 03:50:05 PM
mh Buuby Margaret wins the advice contest ! Nov 9th 2005 06:10:22 PM
mh and I lose the spelling contest Nov 9th 2005 06:11:40 PM
kimberly bubby, that is just what i did when i walked in and found toby crying and aaron about to, too. it worked like a charm. Nov 9th 2005 07:24:02 PM
kimberly great advice from uncee rob too. i know that being forced to eat lima beans is the root of every problem i have today. Nov 10th 2005 11:28:05 AM