Picture of the Day for 11-09-2006
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Kim wouldn't let me be Mr. T for Halloween, so I had to use my duck costume for the work costume contest. Here's me in the middle of announcing who I was. I was a duck with a beard. I won a 25 dollar prize. Still bummed about the Mr. T thing though.
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mh I'm guessing you won on Personality Nov 9th 2006 05:25:37 AM
kimberly he was wearing orange tights. i don't think he won on personality. Nov 9th 2006 06:02:17 AM
chicos tacos maybe next year you can compromise: http://www.celebriducks.com/Large%20pics/Mr%20t.jpg Nov 9th 2006 06:08:31 AM
Aggie Poller Aggies, explain to the rest of us please how A and M to Dept of Defense is a career move Nov 9th 2006 04:43:53 PM
Admin Hey, don't ask me. I'm still getting drunk and wearing duck costumes. For some reason, I wasn't consulted for Dept of Defense. Nov 9th 2006 07:25:31 PM
aggie poller I'm thinking it's a lateral move, but supposed you would think it's a demote Nov 10th 2006 09:26:21 AM