Picture of the Day for 12-01-2005
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Unkee Jeremy came to town to dine on some bird. Here is a Wine brother special dual feeding frenzy.
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Glenn Sweet Jeremy Wine...da da da...turkey never taste so good... Dec 1st 2005 06:38:46 AM
bubby lani Love the placement of the napkins. Dec 1st 2005 09:00:51 AM
Lisa Jo Is that what they mean by a double gobble? Dec 1st 2005 09:44:10 AM
kimberly and this is why toby takes bites that are TOO BIG Dec 1st 2005 11:35:42 AM
Admin A fork has four tines. It is prudent use of the fork to cover all the surface area of the tines as so best conserve energy for the customary post-thanksgiving nap. Dec 1st 2005 09:56:16 PM