Picture of the Day for 12-12-2005
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Toby is learning how to use a coozie. You got to train them early.
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England Kate What's a coozie? (we don't have that word here, you'll have to translate, Admin) Dec 12th 2005 04:33:42 AM
Admin Sorry about that. A coozie is a neoprene sleeve that wraps around beverages (usually beer bottles and cans) that will help keep the beverage cold. In this picture you can see the coozie around Toby's sippy cup. Let me use the word coozie in a sentence... "As I was getting off the lift while eating chips, I bumped into an 18 stone chap and nearly dropped my coozie." Dec 12th 2005 06:52:27 AM
England Kate Much appreciated...it all becomes clear! Dec 12th 2005 07:12:06 AM
aunty beth and its camoflauge! Maybe he'll become a great dove hunter like his daddy!! Dec 12th 2005 08:12:16 AM
England Kate Yes, men do enjoy hunting chicks don't they? Dec 12th 2005 09:00:49 AM
Admin I haven't bagged a chick or a dove in about 4 years. Dec 12th 2005 09:50:59 AM
aunty beth uhh...toby is only 2...so either you bagged a chick or Kim has something to tell you Dec 12th 2005 01:56:54 PM
mh Admin and POD fans across the pond: is there an export-import partnership you should talk about? Dec 12th 2005 04:49:24 PM