Picture of the Day for 12-13-2005
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I took Jeremy to his first A&M game. He got to see a good game. Here is his reaction to the event.
User Comment Entry Date
England Kate Some bloke has just fallen out of his left nostril Dec 13th 2005 06:32:33 AM
Admin And he's pretty old. No telling how long that guy had been in there. Dec 13th 2005 06:47:52 AM
Glenn Ever see "Goonies?" Sloth lives! Dec 13th 2005 10:50:57 AM
Admin Come to think of it, we did have some rocky road ice cream that day. Dec 13th 2005 11:41:40 AM
Bubby Lani Get that picture off the POD. He'll never get married, if anyone sees that. Dec 13th 2005 05:18:41 PM
Admin um, I don't think this picture is going to be the reason he doesn't get married. Dec 14th 2005 04:46:38 AM