Picture of the Day for 12-13-2006
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It's latka time! You know it takes at least five people to make latkas. Here two people use a food processor from the early 50's.
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mh that food processor was not made before you were born, Admin Dec 13th 2006 05:50:33 AM
Subu I think neither the food processor NOR the people were made in the late 50's!! Dec 13th 2006 06:14:25 AM
Subu Edit: Well I know ONE of the people was made in the 50's......just barely......... Dec 13th 2006 06:15:23 AM
Bubby Lani I hate this picture. Thanks Admin for sharing it. Dec 13th 2006 08:01:34 AM
Cousin Marcia I don't know, for two people who have been making latkes for so many years, they looked very puzzled and very absorbed in the procedure? Is it the old machine or the two --- people? Happy Hanukkah Dec 13th 2006 03:27:35 PM