Picture of the Day for 12-14-2004
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Toby got a fire truck and a tiger xylophone. He didn't know which to play with first.
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momma h ok, if i should know, I don't. What's the Order of the Frog ? Dec 14th 2004 07:06:46 PM
Admin Top secret. Dec 14th 2004 08:33:15 PM
Glenn I think it is a play off of a t-shirt worn by Val Kilmer's character in a movie from the 80's. I can't remember what the movie was called but it was about some college students developing a laser as part of their science curriculum, however, unbeknownst to them, the laser was intended for use as a weapon by the US military who had devised a research program with the University. Anyway, I seem to remember Val wearing a similar shirt, only yellow, which read "Order of the Gorilla" or "Order of the Orangutang." Dec 14th 2004 08:34:14 PM
Glenn I just remembered! The movie was called "Real Genius." Ironic that I would have forgotten that title. Dec 14th 2004 09:35:59 PM
Admin That's either amazing or disturbing that you got the exact miniscule reference I ripped off for the idea of the shirt. You get 5 POD merit points. Dec 15th 2004 07:12:26 AM
the unbiased mom well, toby is a real genius Dec 15th 2004 11:01:48 AM
Glenn Perhaps it is amazingly disturbing. Dec 16th 2004 09:19:25 AM
momma h I'm just so glad I asked. Dec 16th 2004 05:10:23 PM