Picture of the Day for 12-14-2007
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Behold! Here is the first view of Aaronland. This little refuge will be fully stocked with crap that Kimberly wants out of site and out of mind. I was trying to get a urinal installed but that was quickly kaboshed.
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j'fer from that dark spot on the floor, it looks like you need one! Dec 14th 2007 06:04:20 AM
Great Auntie Di Padded walls, that's what you need. Dec 14th 2007 07:06:48 AM
Bubby Lani Not sure the pinball, bowling ball & the rest of your crapola will fit. Dec 14th 2007 08:46:07 AM
Peaches No window? Boy, U R being punished. Ha. Coal in your stocking too, I bet. Dec 14th 2007 09:17:20 AM
dana dude. you have a pinball machine? Dec 14th 2007 10:27:12 AM
England Kate Are you keeping the bars? Dec 18th 2007 03:35:55 PM
England Nathan Oh there will definitely be a bar, the kind of bar where everyone knows your name. PS I'm getting very excited about the Manchester trip Dec 26th 2007 08:56:29 AM