Picture of the Day for 12-15-2005
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Here is the lump that was taken off my uvula. The doctor said that it will be reviewed, but there is basically no chance that this is an evil lump. My throat has hurt liked heck the last few days and for the first time since we've met, Kim's been more talkative than I have.
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beth gross! Dec 15th 2005 05:48:07 AM
Lisa Jo Wewwww. Looks pretty evil to me. Hey, does that mean a diet of ice cream & popsicles? Dec 15th 2005 08:29:56 AM
Admin At first I thought, "what a great excuse to eat ice cream non stop", but I soon realized that temperature changes in the mouth(either hot or cold) was a really bad idea. The best thing so far was luke warm soup. Dec 15th 2005 09:36:17 AM
kimberly now i'm curious. what is the function of the uvula? time to google search... Dec 15th 2005 11:27:42 AM
kimberly The uvula has its own little muscle, the musculus uvuae, to help it stiffen and change shape, so it helps fill in the space at the back of the throat. It helps keep food from going down the wrong way down the breathing passage when one swallows. Singers credit the uvula with letting them produce a vibrato, a wavy up-and-down sound. also, it contributes to the problem of snoring. Dec 15th 2005 11:30:14 AM
Admin So I can gather since a hunk of my uvula was removed, that my snoring will cease. Dec 15th 2005 11:34:34 AM
tahoeeddie damn aaron!that thing is huge!!! how did you talk, eat, or even SLEEP?! Dec 15th 2005 02:46:23 PM
kimberly if last night was any indication, your snoring won't cease. Dec 15th 2005 02:58:36 PM
kimberly oh, and HA!! you admit you snore!!!!! Dec 15th 2005 02:59:10 PM